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Short URL allows you to create shorter links from long winding ones and can also keep track of how many times a link has been clicked. It’s useful for managing downloads, keeping track of outbound links and for masking URL’s. Clicking the Clear All Clicks button will reset the count for each entry.


You may obtain support for this plugin from the support centre.


» Download Free Version


The free version of the plugin updates using the WordPress dashboard. Whenever a new version comes out WordPress will notify you.

Advanced configuration: Custom variables

You may pass a custom variable into the plugin by including $2 in the Link URL setting.

For example:
I want a short URL that goes to our plugin pages but I don’t want to create a seperate short URL for every single page I’ve created. So I could set-up the plugin as below.

Htaccess links: ON
Link URL: u/$1/$2

Then I’d add a link like this:$2.
The ShortURL would be:$2

The ShortURL would match: => => =>

3 thoughts on “Short URL Plugin

  1. Gert Hough

    First I just want to say “Thank you” in advance, as I have not started to use the plugin but yours seems to be the best short url plugin. I would like to say that the link to you website lands on the 404 that does however give the link for this page and I know you moved the files to a new server. I know you are probably extremely busy but I would like to ask about the following “For advanced usage including how to pass variables to your redirects check out the plugin page.”

  2. Gert Hough

    Hi again, I just installed the plugin and found that it lacks a feature I am looking for. I would like my fellow authors to make use of the short url plugin. What do you think – is this going to take long to implement or at all possible?

  3. jetpackshopmystore

    Hi, I just installed your short url plugin. It worked. But, it won’t make more than 10 redirects!

    What to do???

    Awesome plugin btw!


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