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Search engine and site speed optimization-

Search engine and speed optimization so your customers find you faster than they find your competitors. Read more »

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Tomorrow’s marketing methods today. Stay one step ahead and future-proof your company’s success online. Read more »

WordPress for Beginners

A completely free 7 day course to get you started in WordPress. Read more »

Why we do it

We love helping people online

Nothing pleases us more than doing a good job and helping our customers thrive online. We can help you every step of the way whether it’s a complete website re-design, facelift or digital marketing. We work with our customers to devise the perfect online strategy. We work with all sizes of companies here in Finland as well as abroad, and we love being able to use technology to make our customers’ lives easier. If you need help, we are just a phone call or email away!


We offer websites and digital marketing that gets the job done and results in more sales for our customers. A good website is the first building block for any company’s marketing strategy. Once the website is up and running and getting traffic, we can improve on that by using content marketing, social media and paid advertising, such as Google Adwords or LinkedIn advertising.

What our customers say

Lisa-Marie was able to pinpoint the problem with my website's coding, and fix the issue, before I ever heard back from the other coder I had contacted for a quote. The plugin worked perfectly after her adjustments and her pricing was very reasonable. I am grateful there are people like Lisa-Marie with the knowledge to help when I'm outside my knowledge level! Thanks so much,

Angela England
Untrained Housewife

Lisa-Marie Karvonen

Web-developer and technical support

Articles on Web Development

How to survive during a recession

Things are tightening up all over especially here in Europe as we get ready for the next round of recession. Businesses are unfortunately going under and sales methods that used to work are not bringing in the same results. I’m not here to depress you, I’m here to help. Here are some methods we’ve found to help us keep chugging during difficult times. 1. Keep abreast of what’s happening in your country (but not too much) It’s a good thing to keep up with the latest economic and business news in your country but if you find yourself reading too… Read more »

How can I make my site more Search Engine Friendly – Part 4

How to deal with crawlers and bots Last time we were discussing content search engine optimization, which was somewhat more creative and less technical. This time we are talking about a more technical side of SEO, but a relevant one to understanding search engines and how they work. Most of the work for search engines is done by crawlers, which are bots that automatically browse internet pages – accessing, gathering and indexing information on website content. When you start up your site, or make changes on your site, search engines find out about it once crawlers have visited and indexed your site,… Read more »

How can I make my site more Search Engine Friendly – Part 3

How can I make my site more Search Engine Friendly – Part 3: Content Optimization Last time we talked about how your page appears in search results, and how you can make your website structure and navigation more user (and search engine) friendly. If you keep the previous things in mind, you are already off to quite a good start, but the next part is probably going to be the most important of all, as we are going to get the the meaty part of your site: the content. I couldn’t emphasize the importance of this part too much if… Read more »

Can I update my website myself?

It is no longer very modern to pay an outsider for every single update to your site. We provide websites for all different needs, for companies of all sizes. Since businesses often have very different needs, we build our sites to meet customer demands from the bottom up. It’s also possible for us to code our websites, so that it’s possible for the customer to update their site themselves, in their own time. How do I know what to do? Even though the design and coding your website takes a certain amount of expertise, updating it can easily be done by the… Read more »